#TSQL2sday: What I’m Passionate About – Sas Christian’s Art


For this month’s T-SQLTuesday, Aaron Bertrand asked what we’re passionate about – but outside of the tech community, and asked for pictures. Seems like a great way to get to know about us.

From my personal blog and my Instagram feed, you probably already know that I’m into cars, travel, and food, so I wanted to pick something different to share with you.

I’m really into Sas Christian’s paintings. (Warning: her stuff is mostly safe for work, but her husband Colin does a lot of NSFW sculptures. Those are awesome too, but just giving you the heads up before your monitor fills up with a high-resolution alien sex organ.)

I walked through our place and took photos of some of my favorite pieces. For years, Erika’s said we have too much art, and as I edit down the number of photos I show you, I realize she’s right. (I bought another one yesterday.)

“Takes a Lickin'” by Sas Christian

I adore this 2006 piece. She’s just bad ass. The first time I saw this painting in a book, I thought she was wearing a watermelon t-shirt – I thought the holes were seeds.

Zoomed in

I’ve got a signed print and the artist’s proof, and heaven forbid the original painting ever come up for sale. I would trade a kidney for that.

After collecting a few prints, I moved up to her pencil sketches:

“Eclipse Study”

I love her pencil sketches, and luckily for me, so did Erika, so we ended up getting several that hang on the living room walls. I love that these are subtle – they force you to get right up on top of ’em and take a close look at what’s going on:

“Psychedella Ocean Study”

Eyes are a big theme in our house, too – a lot of our art involves eyes. Kinda creepy now that I think about it.

Eyes study

Which leads me to the first original oil paintings of Sas’s that I could afford:

“Peephole #1”

A series of 8″ x 10″ works with different faces:

“Peephole #3”

I used to have the Peepholes on the wall behind me, but Erika pointed out that they looked really creepy to clients when I was doing conference calls.

Sometimes she collaborates with her husband, Colin, on different techniques. This one is 18″x24″ on wood, done with metal flake paint:

“Saturday Night Sunday Morning” by Sas Christian

Glitters spectacularly in the light, and reminds me of a bass boat from my Kentucky childhood.

“Nova” watching me work

“Nova” is the little eye sculpture covered in Swarovski crystals, sitting in a little pile of keepsakes. Sas and Colin have done some neat stuff with crystals – I really, really want their recent Twinkle to Death sculpture. I’m just hoping one of you buys it before I find a stack of hundos under a couch cushion somewhere.

Wanna learn more about Sas & Colin Christian? Here’s a few links, but keep in mind that like a lot of art, some of it is very not safe for work.

  • SasChristian.com – her paintings, and her Instagram feed
  • ColinChristian.com (NSFW) – his sculpture, and his Instagram feed – seriously, he’s not safe for work. I have a couple of Colin’s pieces, but there’s a reason why they’re not pictured in this post. Don’t come blaming me when you see Miley Cyrus wearing his sculpture of a unicorn’s sex organ.
  • Juxtapoz Magazine – I found Sas & Colin via the lowbrow art movement, and Juxtapoz is a good place to see other styles of lowbrow.
  • Beautiful Bizarre – magazine not really dedicated to lowbrow, but has a few other artists I like.
  • Yuri Shwedoff – another artist I love, but he focuses on digital work. Wolf Pack is one of my favorites, and I love watching the video of how he does it.
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