First Responder Kit Updates: So Many Updates, Brent Quit

I got 128 GB of RAM just to develop sp_BlitzCache with! Also, thanks to @RichBenner @BrentOzar and @douglane for code, and @LitKnd and @HenrikStaunPoulsen for great ideas!

Grab the newly updated First Responder Kit, and here’s what’s in it:

sp_Blitz Improvements

  • #677 Finally! A bug that isn’t ours! Microsoft forget to let SE clean up query store. We warn you about that now.
  • #650 2016 SP1 gave us exciting new (old) Enterprise features. We give you some boring new wording about them. (suggested by @HenrikStaunPoulsen )
  • #602 More checks to see if you did something ridiculous to your CPUs

sp_BlitzCache Improvements

  • #688 Curious about RLS in your query plan? So is @LitKnd! Thanks, Kendra!
  • #678 In 2016 and up, we’ll tell you something if estimated rows and estimated rows read are way different. Seriously, upgrade to 2016. What’s wrong with you?
  • #665 So uh, you can now sort by ‘all’ and ‘all avg’. This may perform terribly on some servers. Please report any bugs.
  • #663 Sometimes stored procedure costs would show up as double. That’s no good.
  • #661 Function join detection was weird in some circumstances.
  • #660 Sometimes we don’t find any warnings. Now we tell you when we don’t find any warnings. Relief.
  • #659 Operator checks sometimes take a long time. Breaking them into smaller parts helps.
  • #653 Ever see something in BlitzCache that wasn’t yours? Funny thing about SPIDs, huh? We filter on those now, too.
  • #652 Filters! Referencing scalar valued functions! What a bad idea. We’ll let you know about that.
  • #633 Are you modifying a lot of indexes? I don’t know. But BlitzCache does. This looks a little inflated because it takes into account IF branches, but you get the idea.
  • #459 If a stored procedure gets executed once, does anyone care? @douglane doesn’t! Thanks, Doug!

sp_BlitzFirst Improvements

  • #668 Context is everything. Especially for databases. When you’re checking for stored procs.
  • #658 Long running queries being blocked. Great post, Brent! (coded by @BrentOzar )
  • #647 Is SQL running? Yes? So is something other than SQL, and it’s taking >= 25% of your processor time. (coded by @RichBenner )
  • #646 Because you should know if some goofball is restoring a database (coded by @RichBenner )
  • #645 Night of the sleeping SPIDs (coded by @RichBenner )

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

  • #680 Statistics can have more than one column in them. Go figure.
  • #671 Not all ReportServer databases are just called ReportServer (coded by @BrentOzar )

sp_BlitzWho Improvements

  • #649 Oh, that pesky database_id error.
  • #645 Night of the sleeping SPIDs (coded by @RichBenner )

Start downloading!

Happy Birthday mom!

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