#FreeCon 2015 PASS Summit Recap

SQL Server

We believe that when you’re at a community event, the most valuable thing isn’t what’s up on the screen. Instead, it’s building relationships with the people around you.

With that in mind, over the last five years, we’ve run a series of FreeCons – totally free networking events for the SQL Server community.

This year’s FreeCon at the PASS Summit in Seattle was our most ambitious yet. We rented out a movie theater for 50 folks and shared:

  • Identifying what you’re proud of now, and sharing that with those around you
  • Setting goals for yourself over your next year
  • Learning about personal branding
  • Understanding the difference between outbound and inbound marketing
  • Planning which inbound marketing tasks to do, in which order, and how long they’ll take
  • And of course, throughout the event, sharing all of that with those around you, and building meaningful lifelong relationships

We’re really proud of the results and the reactions:

Ed Leighton-Dick wrote: “For many years, I focused primarily on the technical aspects of my profession. That focus served me well, but I realized several years ago now that I needed to start developing some soft skills, also. Skills such as marketing have continued to elude me, but yet, they have become critical as I build my consulting practice. Thanks to Brent and Kendra for all their work in putting on the FreeCon, and thanks to all the rest of the attendees for a fantastic day – I learned a lot from all of you!”

Chris Yates wrote: “One thing that stuck out to me was the authenticity shown by both Brent, Kendra, and Doug along with the 50 or so of us who were asking questions.”

And Richie Rump tried to follow along:

Thanks to everyone who joined us – you were really the secret to making this event a lasting success.

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  • Is there any way of recording these sessions? This kind of training/discussion doesn’t happen very often and I’d love to be able to take advantage of this, especially since I can’t get to the major events.


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