Coffee and pills

SQL Server

coffeePills.jpgI had a really crummy day yesterday. Things just weren’t going my way, and I had all kinds of stupid small programming problems at work. Just one unrelated thing after another. Sometime in the afternoon, I stumbled downstairs for yet another pot of coffee and some ibuprofen, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was juggling all kinds of things I had to fix, things I had to look out for, things I wish had never happened, etc. I made the pot of coffee, then I couldn’t remember if I’d taken the pain pills or not. I remembered getting the bottle, opening it, and putting it back, but there was no water glass on the counter, so I didn’t understand what I’d done with the pills. (I rarely dry-swallow pills.)

This morning, I went to make coffee and figured out what happened to the pills. Wow. Evidently things were pretty bad yesterday. Thank goodness I don’t operate heavy machinery.

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