Fundamentals of Index Tuning

The next course to tackle: Fundamentals of Index Tuning

You’ve come to the end of this course, but I have the feeling your SQL Server journey is just beginning.

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When you’re ready to level up, the next course is Fundamentals of Index Tuning. It’s a 1-day class available either as an inexpensive self-paced recorded video, or live with me on webcam. You’ll learn:

  • How to design indexes for a query without looking at its execution plan
  • How to pick the order of keys in an index
  • How query parameter values can change which index is better
  • Where to find index recommendations using query plans, DMVs, and sp_BlitzIndex
  • How SQL Server’s index recommendations are built, and why they’re often wrong

Check it out and sign up here. Or, if you want more personal help, and you’re facing an outright performance emergency, check out my SQL Critical Care® where we work together to get you fast SQL Server pain relief.