Get Notebook – FAQ

When you see a “Get Notebook” link in one of my posts, it means you can download a SQL Notebook, open it in Azure Data Studio, and follow along with the queries for free.

You’ll need SQL Server or Azure SQL DB, then:

  • Download & attach the 10GB StackOverflow2010 database: 1GB 7zip filetorrent, or magnet. This is a smaller version of the full database export, but it’s still large enough that you can follow along with most blog posts.
  • Download Azure Data Studio. This is Microsoft’s cross-platform database tool that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux to run queries against SQL Server or Postgres.
  • Open the notebook in ADS, then clear the results if you want to follow along. I leave my test data in the notebook so you can just read it if you want, but if you’re going to run the queries yourself, you’ll want to click the “Clear Results” button in Azure Data Studio so that you don’t get confused about which queries you’ve run, and which cells still have my own data.

Q: Does it matter which Stack Overflow database I use?

Not really. Our blog posts will refer to StackOverflow, StackOverflow2010, or StackOverflow2013. They’re all different sizes, but they have the same structure (tables, columns, etc) – just different numbers of rows. The notebooks use the database name “StackOverflow”, but you can change that to point to different databases depending on what you’re using.

Of course, your rowcounts, memory grants, query plans, etc can change depending on database size (and on your own hardware config, environment settings, etc.)

Some posts may also require large amounts of data in order to reproduce specific behaviors – that’s why you’ll often see me using the larger copy, and why we use the larger copy in my training classes.

Q: Where do I go for support?

If you have a question about the content of my blog post, leave a comment on that post.

If you have a question about Azure Data Studio itself, your options include:

Q: Where are these notebooks hosted?

In Github in the repo. Related questions:

  • The notebooks are licensed with Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 because they often include data from the Stack Overflow data dump.
  • You’re welcome to fork that repo, keep it in sync, use my T-SQL examples as a starting point for your own, or print my stuff out and use it as a fan, whatever.
  • I’m not taking issues or pull requests at this time.

Q: I’m a blogger, and…

  • “Can I do this same thing, put my code in notebooks?” Absolutely, go for it.
  • “Can I use your image of a notebook?” Sure, just save it from my site & upload it to your own. (No hotlinking, please.) It’s straight from the Azure Data Studio repo on Github.
  • “Can I use this FAQ?” Yep, you can copy/paste this right out if you want.
  • “Can I use your notebooks in my posts?” Yes, as long as you follow the terms of the licensing, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. That means you need to include the links that credit the original data source (the Stack Overflow data dump and my blog post.) You can build atop my work, edit my queries, add your own stuff, etc., as long as you do that attribution and share your new work under that same license.

I wanna ask a different question….

Sure, join me in the #BrentOzarUnlimited Slack channel in the SQL Server community Slack. (If you need an invite, go here.) Be patient – this isn’t free live 24/7 chat, and I’m just in there when I’m able. Thanks!