SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2017 Release Date: October 19, 2017?

Eagle-eyed @NikoNeugebauer (who you should definitely be following on Twitter) noticed something interesting in one of Lenovo’s recent TPC-H benchmark results. In the #TPCH document, the availability of the system with #SQLServer 2017 is listed for 19th of October 2017 🙂https://t.co/Y3VNQt9buZ — Niko Neugebauer (@NikoNeugebauer) July 18, 2017 The benchmark PDF shows: Possible SQL Server 2017 release…
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Do SQL Server 2017’s Adaptive Joins Work with Cross Apply or Exists?

I think I’ve mentioned that the most fun part of new features is testing them with old ideas to see how they react. It occurred to me that if Adaptive Joins didn’t work with APPLY, I might cry. So, here goes nothin’! Cross Simple Cross Apply…ies can use Adaptive Joins, though at first glance there’s…
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SQL Server 2017: Interleaved MSTVFs Vs Inline Table Valued Functions

But is it faster? Now, I know. There are very few “always” things out there in SQL Server. This is also true for functions. A lot of the time — I might even say most of the time, inline table valued functions are going to be faster that scalar and multi statement table valued functions.…
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SQL Server 2017: Interleaved Execution for MSTVFs

What I don’t want you to take away from this Is that I want you to start using Multi Statement Table Valued Functions all over the place. There are still problems with them. Backed by table variables Lots of hidden I/O cost Number of executions may surprise you One important current limitation (May-ish of 2017)…
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Breaking: SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU2 Supports ENABLE_PARALLEL_PLAN_PREFERENCE Hint

Hot Diggety! After reading an excellent tip by Dmitry Pilugin about the new hint for forcing a parallel plan in SQL Server 2017, I figured I’d test it out on SQL Server 2016’s latest CU to see if it had been back ported yet. Good news! It has. Obviously. That’s the title of the blog…
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SQL Server 2017: Statistics Information Comes To Query Plans

Warm fuzzies I think this is how my mom would have felt if I went to college. You see, once you stop cargo culting around index fragmentation, and disk queue length, you start to realize which things are actually important to query performance. Things like statistics, and cardinality estimation. And, sure, having the right indexes…
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The 2017 Adaptive Join Optimization Eats Bad TSQL For Breakfast

Cheeky If you thought that title sounded familiar, you sure were right. That’s called a classical reference. So here we are, three whole years later, and yet another improvement to the engine promises to fix performance issues forever and ever. While this isn’t exactly an entirely new cardinality estimator, it’s an entirely new branch in…
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Brent Ozar reading

SQL Server 2017 Release Date: May 31?

At the SQLbits conference in the UK, Victoria Holt sat in on a session about the State of the SQL Nation. She writes: “SQL Server vNext will be launched this year with the UK launch 31 May 2017.” Keep in mind that “launch” is a marketing term, very different from “release.” (Even “release” is tricky…
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Hidden in SQL Server 2017 CTP v1.1: sys.dm_db_stats_histogram

It’s Friday night, so I’m waiting for new CTP Releases As soon as I got the email, I started reading the release notes. Some interesting stuff, of course. Batch mode queries now support “memory grant feedback loops,” which learn from memory used during query execution and adjusts on subsequent query executions; this can allow more…
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