[Video] Office Hours: Back in the Vegas Home Studio


After a long trip through Scandinavia, I’m back in the desert. You posted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and I took the hot seat:


Here’s what we covered today:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 03:15 Marek: Hi Brent, what is the best solution to continuously synchronize Logins between two stand alone SQL Server instances or two Azure managed instances?
  • 04:13 MancDBA: Hi Brent, have you ever walked off a job because the place is beyond help? For example, combative DBAs or difficult clients who don’t want to play ball?
  • 06:31 Developer who cosplays as a DBA: Your video about deadlocks from a couple years ago is fantastic. Your demo was focused on writer/writer deadlocks – do you think you’ll ever do a demo video for understanding and troubleshooting deadlocks between a reader and a writer?
  • 07:07 Ethan: What are your pros / cons of a shared development SQL server?
  • 08:21 Zac: Most of the AWS RDS instances don’t support TempDB on the local ephemeral storage, only on EBS volumes. How important do you think it is to have TempDB on local storage?
  • 09:37 Shay: Question: is there a way that remarks are not be part of query cache, we use remarks to track query source and query plan is created per query text.
  • 10:20 SeeCoolGuy: HeyO Brent! when do we get an AMA from your home in Vegas in the hot tub 😛
  • 11:33 Bishal: We have a database with a table to store document files (.pdf &.doc files) to use it to search texts on document using Full-text. However, this table is so huge & giving us a headache during backups. Are there any ways to separate documents from table and still use FullText?
  • 13:44 Karthik: What is your opinion of the Azure SQL VM SKU recommendation engine in migration extension for Azure Data Studio? Does it produce good recommendations?
  • 14:17 Red Utley: Should SQL CPU licensing ever drive VM sizing selection or only disk IOPS/ throughput?
  • 15:07 Miles: Hi Brent, Very Good morning. RCSI is turned on on one of the user database. However, we still see SELECT’s are getting blocked by INSERT statements. Any reason why? Please explain.
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