[Video] Office Hours at the End of the World


I hopped down to Cabo San Lucas and sat at the End of the World to answer the questions you posted & upvoted at https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Intros
  • 00:44 Kirk Saunders: Hey Brent! When did you determine your knowledge/skillset/etc.. was sufficient to teach your various classes? I think I’m doing well at my job, but I’m concerned I’m overestimating my skillset (big fish, small pond). Any insight on a more objective measure is greatly appreciated!
  • 02:42 Monkey: Howdy, Brent! When I specify RETAINDAYS or EXPIREDATE when doing backups and set either to 30 days, does it mean after 30 days some job checks whether my backup expired, and deletes it ? if no, how can I make so older than 30 days backups be deleted automatically ?
  • 03:31 Yakov: What was office hours like prior to the introduction of PollGab?
  • 04:54 Rizzo: How should you deal with a SQL power user that forgets to commit their transaction on a busy server before leaving for the day?
  • 06:43 Gary Kendall: Hey Brent! We have a commercial app that creates many many temp tables (not in TempDB) for ad-hoc reporting and other things but doesn’t clean up after itself. Is there a tipping point where too many tables in one DB might cause overall performance problems with SQL Server? Thx!
  • 09:30 Select_Star_not_Asterisk: What’s your though about Contained Availability Group? For me, the new features, contained master and MSDB is a big check for me.
  • 11:16 Uncle Kenny G: We have 1000 databases on Azure SQL Server. We are going to adopt some third party monitoring software (Red-Gate, SolarWinds, checkmk, etc…). Does using these monitoring software will put pressure on the DBs and increase the overall costs at the end of the month?
  • 12:05 SQL Helper: In the consulting world, how do you handle an engagement that you cannot solve or is technically not possible as outlined in the SOW? Do you get compensated for your time working on the issue?
  • 16:34 Haddaway: What is the best tool for monitoring Always On replication progress? Do we need third party monitoring for good Always On Monitoring?
  • 17:24 Eduardo: What are the keys to becoming a good public speaker?
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  • Kirk Saunders
    August 17, 2022 2:03 pm

    Hello Brent, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question about the skillset related to your classes. I really appreciated the perspective on talking about what worked for me (since that would be truthful and likely helpful if repeated) and it is ok to let people know I don’t know that answer with some guidance on where to possible find the answer.

    I realize now that I didn’t phrase my question as well as I should have. If it is ok I would like to re-phrase it to try and get your thoughts from a different perspective. Let me know if you would prefer this to be a follow-up Pollgab submission and I will be happy to put it in.

    I don’t have any plans or aspirations to teach any classes. What I am hoping to understand is if there a good way to objectively rate my skillset and knowledge.

    You mentioned when you went through the Microsoft Certified Master program, it tested if people have been working in the industry for 20 years on various problems or repeating the same problem over and over again for 20 years. There are also a lot of pieces of advice that may have been good ideas historically which are no longer relevant today (like measuring PLE).

    Is there anything you are aware that would let me know where my skillset is at? I think I am doing well at my job, but I am concerned I have not learned as much as I think I have or that I am learning bad/old practices instead of good/current ones. (maybe the answer is just take your classes in the areas I am concerned about and don’t worry about it.)

    Thank you,

    • Sure, lemme rephrase that: “I haven’t gone to training classes or taken any certifications, and I want to know if my skills are sharp.”

      I can answer it for you: they’re probably not. 😉

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