[Video] Office Hours: Professional Development Edition


I spent an entire video just talking about 3 questions y’all posted to https://pollgab.com/room/brento because these were pretty big-picture and important.

I know it sounds goofy and sentimental, but I genuinely care about y’all’s careers, and I want you to work as little as practical in order to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. So here we go:

What we covered:

  • Kinneret: When are work communications appropriate for a chat channel such as Slack? When should those communications take place via direct audible communications (phone, webex, etc)?
  • WhatsUpDocs: Hi Brent, have you ever needed to look at business documentation (check business rules/logic) when consulting or as an employee, but it was severely lacking? Recently joined a different team in work and trying to find simple answers to questions is an uphill struggle…
  • Roy: Hi Brent, How did you manged to upskill yourself early in your career with a busy full time job? What recommendations will you give to somebody early in his DBA career?
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