[Video] Office Hours in Malibu: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server


I’m up bright and early in Malibu, so let’s talk through your highly upvoted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:04 JD: Have you ever encountered a very weird case during query / performance tuning that you just couldn’t get the query across the finish line, specifically just because SQL Server didn’t want to behave nicely? 🙂 What did you end up doing to overcome it?
  • 03:15 Accidental DBA: Hi Brent, do you have any recommended DMV queries you like to run for the scenario when SQL server is on fire and sp_blitzfirst is very slow in returning results?
  • 04:34 Ashok Sharma: Hi Brent, I am moving all my databases from on-premises to Azure VM (not managed instance). What is the best method to migrate SSISDB and reports DB to Azure? Which backup / restore work? I am on SQL 2016 SE
  • 05:55 Zatrikion: Hi Brent, Is parameter sniffing the same on SQL in the cloud (azure) and on an physical SQL server? Or do they “work” differently?
  • 07:08 Dmitriy: When migrating from stand-alone SQL Server to Azure SQL DB, what’s the most efficient solution to replace cross-database queries?
  • 08:10 Accidental DBA: Hi Brent, do you have any guidelines for determining how much RAM the SQL Server should have? DB is 7 terabytes.
  • 09:39 Null Pointer Exception: Thanks for everything you do for the community! Random question… any ideas/theory on why SQL Server doesn’t support temp tables in views? Would make it so much easier to give the optimize views for performance.
  • 10:53 Jiri: Working with for smaller companies I mostly see apps where SQL Server is in fact an application server. Means all business logic is in the database objects and the app is just a GUI. What do you mean about such architecture and what approach it requires concerning SQL Server?
  • 13:10 Kapil Swamy: What is the best way to identify potential botllneck in performing troubleshooting
  • 14:13 Little Bobby Tables: Yo Brent, issue I have with log shipping. I rebuild indexes on my largest tables monthly. (Standard Edition) This creates very large .trn backups ~8GB. Backups every 10min. T-log restore fails on these 30% of the time; requiring Full backup restore. Ever seen this issue?
  • 15:57 Pat: Hi Brent, Accidental DBA here. The main alert I get in my monitoring solution is Baseline OS paging. Range today, for ex, is 2 to 12,671. Also disk queue length at times, today 1 to 6. Googling to see if they’re important yields “it depends” . How can I tell if these are “bad”?
  • 18:18 Mike: Favorite subject “Transactional Replication” What entry or setting points the publisher to the distributor in the master database?
  • 18:53 George: Hi Brent, I need to implement a logging process for one of our accounting solutions and the processes in it. Can you suggest a good lightweight tool or methodology that can handle this and scale well ?
  • 19:27 Magnus: Hi Brent, I work at an MSP as an infrastructure DBA. We don’t do any performance tuning, and almost no t-sql code writing. I’ve only worked as a DBA in this environment(4 years). When is it time to leave, and when will I regret not leaving? Also,I Just signed up for your courses!
  • 24:08 Wrap-up
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