[Video] Office Hours at Silver Strand State Beach: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server


It’s a beach day! Let’s hang out at Silver Strand State Beach and I’ll take your highly voted questions from https://pollgab.com/rooms/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:45 Dylan: Why does an UPDATE on a 2nd key column in an index (100% FF) cause a “bad” page split; the first column is 100% unique. I noticed the tran log was doing a MODIFY operation vs INSERT/DELETE when the second column was moved to the INCLUDEs. Would you say this is expected behavior?
  • 02:05 Mehdi: Hi Brent! Why having non-aligned indexes on partitioned tables can cause inefficient query plans and CPU pressure?
  • 03:47 Bill: We have an application about to come online and I want to baseline the sql server. What is the best way to create a baseline? Do you have any recommended tools or articles?
  • 05:18 Bob: Hi Brent , What is your DBMaintenance recommnendation for VLDB ?
  • 06:03 PostNo: Is it hard to adjust being back in the states? If so, what’s been the hardest part?
  • 07:59 Woodard: I keep getting questioned on why I only let Veeam do copy_only backups and insist on native transaction log backups outside of Veeam. I don’t trust any system where I can’t touch the actual log backup files at will, and we use those backups every day. Is this uncommon?
  • 10:12 Oleg: Hi Brent, for brand new database that is in development, would you recommend to create indexes ahead of time based by guessing or applying DEATH method after it was in production for a while?
  • 11:50 sudo DBA: Hello Brent, You made an interesting point about writing a blog about what you know about SQL Server without worrying whether similar content is available online or not. What blog sites do you recommend to post my SQL Server related issues I have faced and resolved? Thank you.
  • 14:05 Greg: We have a 2TB prod db with 7 years data. We wish to reduce this to a few months but still need to hold 6 years data to meet compliance. Would you build an archive strategy on prod or trust the upstream data warehouse will have your back.
  • 16:17 Recap and demoing Helmut’s robotic top
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