[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About Microsoft SQL Server

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Got questions that aren’t a good fit for DBA.StackExchange.com, and you want my opinion? Post them here and upvote the questions you’d like to see me talk through. This weekend, I hopped into my home studio and did a half-hour session because so many good questions had piled up:

Here are the questions I answered in this session:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:39 Why is connecting to SQL Server sometimes slow?
  • 03:52 How do I know when my indexes are hurting me?
  • 05:54 Should I enable Optimize for Ad-Hoc Workloads?
  • 10:15 What do you think about running SQL Server in Kubernetes?
  • 13:50 Can I restore everything except one table?
  • 18:15 How can I monitor 1,000 SQL Server instances?
  • 24:04 How can I explain that performance tuning never ends?
  • 25:58 (I rant about how much I hate tech support)
  • 27:15 How do I write a DBA resume when I have 8 years experience?
  • 30:28 Any alternatives for SSMS on Mac OS?
  • 32:52 What if I want to jump from a DBA role to project management?
  • 34:32 If users query nested views, can I see the resulting T-SQL?
  • 35:39 Should I dynamically craft update statements per column?
  • 38:04 Wrap-up

Wanna join a live session? Subscribe to my free YouTube channel and you’ll get notifications whenever I go live. See you there!

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  • I have to admit… I love these! Thanks, Brent. Heh… and, dammit, you reminded me of how much I used to love rose` champagne…. sigh… now i’ve gotta get some. 😀


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