I passed the MCM! iPads for everyone!

Quest: “Brent, here’s a top-of-the-line Apple iPad 3G, case, camera kit, dock, and all the trimmings.”

One for me, one for you.
One for me, one for you.

Me: “What?  Why?”

Quest: “Before you went for the Microsoft Certified Master program, you kept telling us how hard it was and how high the failure rate was.  We wanted to thank you for putting in so much hard work.  We really appreciate it.”

Me: “Wow, that’s awesome!  What other tests can I take next?”

Quest: “Speaking of that, we need you to come up with ten questions about yourself.  We’re going to run a test of our own, asking people questions about you.  Then we’ll take the entries, hold a drawing, and give one of them an iPad too.”

Me: “Are you kidding me?  All this because I passed the MCM?  What if I wouldn’t have passed?”

Quest: “Instead of a whole pad, you would have gotten just a slip.  A pink slip.”

Me: “Right.”

Wanna win an iPad? Go take the test! (Update: contest over.)

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