Download the SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise CTP


Ladies and gentlemen, start your downloads.

The SQL Server 2008 R2 community preview is now available for downloading.  Read the Data Platform Insider blog entry for more details.

The download link in that blog entry didn’t work for me, but the ever-insightful Wesley Backelant pointed out that it’s available in MSDN/Technet too.  In your product downloads, click on Servers, SQL Server 2008.  The R2 Enterprise CTP is cleverly hidden in there, with downloads for x86 (hmmm), x64 and Itanium listed.  There’s also an Express Edition set of downloads too.

Keep in mind that these downloads don’t include any SharePoint or Office bits needed in order to preview some of R2’s new BI-focused features.

Side note – if you’re into SQL Server and you’re not following Wesley on Twitter, you should be.  He consistently posts news first and responds fast.  Yet another reason that Twitter pays off for DBAs!

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