sp_Blitz Result: Trace Flags Enabled Globally

SQL Server has configuration knobs called trace flags that you can turn off and on – either at the session level for experimentation, or at the server level.  Trace flags are typically used for diagnostic purposes and they may need to be disabled once the issue is corrected. This check is to alert you of any globally enabled trace flags so that it can be determined if they are still necessary.

This part of our SQL Server sp_Blitz script runs DBCC TRACESTATUS(-1) to get the list of globally enabled trace flags.

To Fix the Problem

If it is determined that the trace flag is no longer necessary, the following command can be run to turn off the trace flag one time:

DBCC TRACEOFF (traceflag, -1)

But if the trace flag is configured as part of SQL Server’s startup options, you’ll need to use SQL Server Configuration Manager to look at the startup parameters.

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