Welcome! Now let’s get you up to speed fast.

Here’s a direct zip file link to our SQL Server First Responder Kit (zip). It’s full of scripts, white papers, and worksheets to help make your SQL Server faster and more reliable. I’d suggest opening sp_Blitz.sql first in SSMS. Run that, and it creates the sp_Blitz stored proc – you can put it in any database you want. Then, run it by typing sp_Blitz and click Execute. You’ll get back a prioritized list of problem areas in your SQL Server – things like missing backups, recent corruption, or dangerous SQL Server builds. Here’s how to run it for a SQL Server health check.

If you’re safe, install & run sp_BlitzCache. That script tells you which queries have been the most resource-intensive on your SQL Server lately. You might get some eye-opening results – in which case, it’s time to learn why those queries aren’t fast.

To find out why, watch the How to Think Like the Engine training video class. It’s free with your newfound login that we just sent to you. It’s a fast-paced introduction to how SQL Server stores data and executes queries. It’s the intro class that I wish someone would have taught me when I started working with SQL Server.

Wanna learn more? Check out my free SQL Server training videos.

That stuff should give you a huge jump start. Let’s get this party started. If you need anything else at all, contact me. Welcome to the club!