We’ve always been early adopters of anything that helps scalability and reliability: first virtualization, then Always On Availability Groups, and now cloud deployments of SQL Server.

Google Compute Engine fully supports Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud. They have their own images, or you can build your own to support more complex configurations.

We partnered with Google to build a few white papers to help you get started:

  • How to Build an Always On Availability Group in Google Compute Engine
  • How to Build a SQL Server Disaster Recovery Plan with Google Compute Engine
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning in Google Compute Engine

Download the PDFs now in our First Responder Kit.

Resources for SQL Server on Google Compute Engine

In addition to the above white papers, here’s more useful stuff:

Performance Tuning White Paper: Orders Database – We created this sample database for the performance tuning workloads in the white paper. You can download it via BitTorrent.

GCE DR Plan White Paper: DatabaseRestore – This stored procedure restores backups that were created using Ola Hallengren‘s DatabaseBackup solution. It’s included in our free First Responder Kit.