Level 2 Bundle (Live Classes, No VM Included)

$5,548.00 / year


You’ve conquered the fundamentals of SQL Server, and now you’re ready to master it. Let’s do this!

The Level 2 Bundle includes everything in Level 1, plus a year-long Live Class Season Pass for my live classes including Mastering Index Tuning, Mastering Query Tuning, Mastering Parameter Sniffing, and Mastering Server Tuning, and any other new classes I add during your subscription. Purchased individually, these would be $5,548 per year – but when you get the whole bundle, you save big.

In the classes, you’ll need your own SQL Server if you want to follow along with the hands-on labs and demos. Here’s how to set up your own VM to follow along. We recommend a 4-8 core VM, 32-64GB RAM, and definitely solid state storage. (You’ll be repeatedly restoring the 200GB Stack Overflow backups between labs, and you want that restore to finish within 15 minutes – that’s a good gauge of the performance required in order to do the labs themselves.) If you want us to build you a VM during the live classes, we have a separate Live Class Season Pass With VMs for that.

For more details on how the LCSP works, check out the Live Class Season Pass page.