Blogging for a Living

Blogging for a Living

I started blogging back in 2002, and now I blog, write and speak full time.  I work for a software company as a database expert, and I’m here to say that you really can make a living online.

To get started, you need to have an online presence.  Here’s how to set up your blog and build it up:

  1. How To Start a Blog – decide why you’re blogging, because that will affect the type of blog you start and how you build it.
  2. Installing and Configuring WordPress – setting up the plumbing that will power your blog.
  3. Getting the Best WordPress Plugins – plugins give your site cool tools that your users will like.
  4. Picking a WordPress Theme – don’t just go with something pretty – know what the risks are in picking a complex theme.
  5. Blog Etiquette – a few basic tips about manners in the blogosphere.

How to Blog Better & Get More Hits

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, here’s how to take it to the next level with professional polish that will bring readers in:

Blog Plagiarism

Sadly, sooner or later, somebody’s going to try to copy your work and pass it off as their own.  It’s happened to me multiple times.


  • Brent — when do you split a blog into multiple parts? I have a few that I am saving to start a schedule like you suggest — but I notice they keep getting longer. Any advice? or do you just go with a gut-feel?

    • Sandra – good question. I used to split them whenever I hit 3-4 pages long, but these days I rarely split ’em. I found that if I write one monster article with a lot of good information, people seem to be more likely to pass that link along to their friends. Multi-part posts have some dropoff.

  • Brent,
    Is your whole site driven by WordPress? Just curious.. thanks for the great info. I’m going to try to get started blogging – I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and your series of articles here are fantastic to help those who don’t want to learn the hard way 🙂