Doing Your Free SQL Server Health Check

Brent Ozar reading
Let’s see what our health check script says about your server.

Great! Let’s get started. Here’s the zip file to download.

Open that zip file and run sp_Blitz.sql in SQL Server Management Studio or Azure Data Studio. It will generate a prioritized list of things to review – missing backups, failed corruption checks, performance issues, and so forth.

Priorities 1-50 are things you should focus on right away. We say these are the reasons folks lose their jobs.

Priorities 51 & higher are progressively less urgent – things you want to be aware of, but just fix at more convenient times.

If you have questions, you can get free support here.

If you want to build a health check report for your users and you need a sample template, check out the two PDFs in the zip file too. These are samples from our SQL Critical Care process.

Thanks, and we hope we helped make your job suck just a little less.
Brent Ozar Unlimited