Performance Tuning SQL Server
in Amazon Cloud (EC2 and RDS)

We’ve been working with SQL Servers in Amazon since 2008. Our clients have used cloud services to cut costs, improve resiliency, and scale quickly. Here’s some of our blog posts about it over the years:

Cloud for Backups and High Availability

Using AlwaysOn Availability Groups in AWS – SQL Server 2012’s new high availability and disaster recovery feature does work in EC2, but it comes with a catch.

Long Term Backup Storage with Amazon Glacier – if you’re using Amazon S3 as long-term offsite backup storage, Glacier gives you the ability to automatically move backups to slower/cheaper storage.

The Cost of Log Shipping to Amazon S3 – You can copy your backups to Amazon S3 automatically, and if disaster strikes, restore them in the cloud. Here’s how to calculate the storage and bandwidth costs.

Configuring SQL Server in Amazon EC2

Configuring SQL Server in Amazon EC2 – Jeremiah goes into detail about the cost, the noisy-neighbor problem, drive and network configuration, and more.

[Video] How to Configure SQL Server in Amazon EC2 – Jeremiah explains the 5 common performance problems and how to avoid them.

Consulting Help for SQL Server Performance Tuning


Considering the cloud? Our SQL Critical Care® process quickly analyzes your database server, your RPO/RTO goals, and your performance needs. We’ll tell you which cloud services make sense – if any – and tell you how to transition easily.

Already in the cloud, and unhappy with performance? Turns out the cloud isn’t a simple speed boost, and it’s all to easy to configure incorrectly. Our SQL Critical Care® helps here too.

Contact us learn more, and we’ll set you up with a free 30-minute consultation.

Which SQL Server Cloud Service to Use

Cloud Alternatives to Microsoft SQL Server – we explain SQL in EC2, Azure VMs, Amazon RDS, VMware vFabric, WASD, and more. For more about RDS, check out Jeremiah’s Introduction to Amazon RDS.

Amazon Web Services Explained – Want to figure out what all this stuff is good for? Pretend you’re a survey company, and here’s how you’ll use each part.

Amazon Web Services Architect Training Recap – Brent attended the AWS sessions and shared his experience.