SQL Server execution plans provide a roadmap to query performance. Once you understand how to read the execution plan, you can easily identify bottlenecks and detours. In this high level session, Jeremiah Peschka will introduce you to the concepts of reading SQL Server execution plans including how to get an actual execution plan, how to read the plan, and how to dive deeper into the details of the pieces of the plan. This session is for developers and DBAs who have never looked at SQL Server execution plans before.

In this talk I mentioned a few tools.

Learn More in Our Execution Plan Training

Our How to Read Execution Plans Training explains how to get an execution plan, how to read the operators, and learn solutions to common query problems.

Jeremiah Peschka
When I’m not working with databases, you’ll find me at a food truck in Portland, Oregon, or at conferences such as DevLink, Stir Trek, and OSCON. My sessions have been highly rated and I pride myself on their quality.
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  1. Isn’t execute plan read from right to left and top to bottom if it is correct as Microsoft said?

    • You got it. I have no idea how I typed that out wrong, but astute viewers will notice that I corrected myself in the video. Thanks for the clarification!

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