Developer's Guide to SQL Server Performance

  • Instructor(s): Brent Ozar, Jeremiah Peschka, Kendra Little
  • Length: 7 hours
  • Cost: $299

You’re a developer stuck with a database server that’s not going fast enough. You’ve got a hunch that the biggest bottleneck is inside the database server somewhere, but where? In this video series, you’ll learn how to use powerful scripts to identify which queries are killing your server, what parts of the database server are holding you back, how to tackle indexing improvements, and how to identify query anti-patterns.

Make SQL Server Apps Go Faster - Live at PASS Summit 2013

Developer’s Guide to SQL Server Performance – Live at PASS Summit 2013

In 7 hours of training videos with Microsoft MVPs, you’ll learn:

  • How wait stats tell you where to focus your tuning
  • How the plan cache shows you which queries are the worst
  • How to make fast improvements by picking the right indexes
  • How to identify and fix the most common query anti-patterns

Hundreds of conference attendees have paid $395 to see this training in person – but you’re about to get it for less:

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How to Think Like the Engine: Introduction to Internals Modules:

  • How to Think Like SQL Server (39 minutes, Brent Ozar)
  • Statistics and Memory (25min, Brent Ozar)

Finding the Server’s Bottlenecks:

  • Wait Statistics (44 min, Jes Schultz Borland)

What’s Happening In My SQL Server?

  • Why sp_who2 and Activity Monitor Stink (18 min, Kendra Little)
  • Find Bad Queries with sp_WhoIsActive (22 min, Kendra Little)
  • Identify Your Biggest Problems with the Plan Cache (15 min, Kendra Little)
  • Measuring Query Impact with Extended Events (13 min, Kendra Little)

Seek and Destroy: How to Identify Index Problems

  • Find the Indexes that Need the Most Help (43 min, Kendra Little)
  • Avoid Indexing Traps and Gotchas (17 min, Kendra Little)
  • Index Okapis: Includes, Filtered Indexes, and Indexed Views (30 min, Jes Schultz Borland)

T-SQL and Data Design Antipatterns

  • T-SQL Antipatterns (29 min, Brent Ozar)
  • Data Design Anti-Patterns (23 min, Jes Schultz Borland)

Scale Up or Scale Out Modules

  • Introduction and Scaling Up (26 min, Jeremiah Peschka)
  • Scaling Out with Caching (27 min, Jeremiah Peschka)
  • Scaling Out with Database Sharding (30 min, Jeremiah Peschka)
Buy it now for $299.Get 18 months streaming access.



About Brent

Specialities: performance tuning, SAN storage, VMware

Off duty: foodie restaurants, travel, bad pop music


About Jeremiah

Specialities: database architecture, teaching SQL, cloud computing

Off duty: Portland food trucks, long walks on the beach


About Kendra

Specialities: query tuning, index rocket science, SSDs

Off duty: drawings, dinosaurs, Spurious Capitalization


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