Jessica Connors,
Forensic Database Psychiatry


(Jessica was the backbone of our sales during 2015-2016, and she’s absolutely awesome. We miss her and would recommend her highly. We leave former team members’ pages up to honor their awesome contributions.)

Tell me where it hurts. (No pointing, though, that’s impolite.) I’ll ask you probing questions about your environment, explain our SQL Critical Care® process, and get you prepared to spend some quality time with our consultants.

I’m here to let our consultants do what they do best. If you’re interested in working with us in any capacity, reach out. I will work to quickly understand the current health of your environment (albeit SQL or workplace) to ensure that we are the best group to help.

Talk to me about working with us for:

  • SQL Critical Care®
  • Training – either virtual, or in meatspace
  • Custom SQL Server consulting

When I’m not directing traffic at the Brent Ozar Unlimited® airstrip, you will find me running, watching documentaries about the Universe, hanging with Hank and Hana (my two cats), or traveling to exciting new places with my family.

Contact me to learn more about how we can help.