Jes Borland, Alumni

Jes Borland(Jes worked at Brent Ozar Unlimited from 2012 to 2015, and has since moved on. We leave former team members’ pages up to honor their awesome contributions. Her current blog is over at LessThanDot.)

Your database is an athlete, and I’m here to help it perform better. Whether you need to recover from a minor injury or want major reconstructive surgery, I’m ready.

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Microsoft MVP, and if I receive another certification from Microsoft, I’ll ask for a medal to add to my race collection.

For a really good time, ask me about:

  • Reading query plans
  • Performance tuning tools & tips
  • High availability
  • Punk rock
  • What happened on May 5, 2012

I’m a founder of Tech on Tap; founder of the FoxPASS SQL Server user group; a speaker at user groups, SQL Saturdays, and PASS Summit; and a blogger. I like to talk (a lot), and I love to help others learn and grow as much as I have.

I also drink too much coffee, run too many miles, and make a mean pot of chili.