Getting Free Support

“This server’s plan cache smells terrible.”

To get free support for sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, the Power BI Dashboard for DBAs, or any of our other free tools in the First Responder Kit, you have a few options:

  • When you have questions about how they work: Talk with the community in the #FirstResponderKit Slack channel. The first time you go, you’ll need a free invite: hit Be patient – this isn’t live 24/7 chat, and it’s also staffed with volunteers.
  • When you find a bug or want something changed: visit the Github issues list and read the Contributing Guide
  • When you have a question about what the scripts found: first, make sure you read the “More Details” URL for any warning you find. We put a lot of work into documentation, and we wouldn’t want someone to yell at you to go read the fine manual. After that, when you’ve still got questions about how something works in SQL Server, post a question at and the community (that includes us!) will help. Include exact errors and any applicable screenshots, your SQL Server version number (including the build #), and the version of the tool you’re working with.

Getting Paid Support

I specialize in a SQL Critical Care® where I use the First Responder Kit (and other tools) to make your SQL Server faster and more reliable. Learn more, see sample reports, and book a sales call with me. Clients who have gone through our SQL Critical Care® process are welcome to email questions to us or book followup engagements. We don’t offer 1-2 hour support calls – we’re typically booked 1-3 weeks in advance, so your best bet for small questions is to just post ’em in the Free Support areas above.