SQL Server Backup
Best Practices and Articles

Here’s what we’ve put together over the years to protect your data.

Advanced Backups: Compression and Corruption

Backup Training Videos

  • Backup to Basics – Jeremiah explains SQL Server’s backup options and makes you design recovery plans for a few sample companies.
  • Log Shipping Part 1 – Preparing for Disaster – log shipping is a popular technique that gets you a warm standby server with no performance overhead in production.
  • Log Shipping Part 2 – When Disaster Strikes

Real-Life Backup Stories

SQL Server Backup & Recovery Training Class

There is no more critical task for a DBA than to back up the business data – except perhaps restoring it to ensure validity. A disaster – in many forms – can strike at any time. SQL Server offers many backup and restore options, to help you meet business requirements.

In Jes Schultz Borland’s 2-hour video class, you’ll learn about:

  • Simple, Full, and Bulk logged recovery models
  • Full, differential, and log backups
  • Restore options
  • Best practices

It always helps when you see something in action, so she’ll demonstrate

  • Full backups
  • Differential backups
  • Log backups
  • Restores

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SQL Server Backup & Recovery, Advanced

Once you’ve mastered the basics of backup and recovery, it’s time to work on a new set of challenges. You may need backups or restores to be faster, to find and fix corruption, or to be able to restore only certain parts of a database.

In this hour and a half video training, Jes Borland covers

  • Striping and compressing backups
  • Piecemeal restores
  • Creating, finding, and fixing corruption
  • Marked transactions

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