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SQL ConstantCare

What SQL ConstantCare® Looks For

“This server’s plan cache smells terrible.” SQL ConstantCare® analyzes your data looking for health and performance issues that cause user pain. Here are the things we check for and the number of servers where we found this problem this month: Backup Back Up Your TDE Certificate – 137 servers affected CRITICAL: Take a Full Backup…
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Office Hours Podcast

[Video] Office Hours 2018/1/10 (With Transcriptions)

This week Brent, and Richie discuss validating backups using the backup set table, how to figure out if you’re a Mid-Level or Senior DBA, rollbacks, compatibility modes while upgrading SQL Server versions, MAXDOP settings, and Brent’s car purchasing tip. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our…
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sp_AllNightLog: ¿Por que los queues?

Building stuff I sometimes really hate coming up with ideas, and much prefer someone to just say “I want this” so I can go out into the world and figure out how to do that. Occasionally though, I realize that I’m not going to get all that much direction. That’s what happened with sp_BlitzQueryStore. It…
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Availability Group Direct Seeding: Mind Your Backup Jobs

I’ll get right to the point While you’re Direct Seeding, you have to be careful with any other full or differential backup jobs running on the server. This is an artifact of the Direct Seeding process, but it’s one you should be aware of up front. In the screencap below, courtesy of sp_whoisactive there’s a…
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5 Things About Fillfactor

Are you a page half full, or a page half empty kind of person? I’ll never think “I’ve seen it all” when it comes to SQL Server– there’s just always someone waiting around the corner who’s found a weird new thing to do with it. But there are some things I really wish I could…
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