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Do You Have to License Your Standby SQL Server?

Businesses who need high availability and disaster recovery usually want three servers: A primary SQL Server where all the writes & reads take place A high availability SQL Server sitting right next to the primary, in the same data center, keeping up with its writes, and A disaster recovery SQL Server sitting in another city…
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SQL Server Upgrades and Migrations

Your Microsoft SQL Server had a good run. But it’s getting creaky and old, and you’ve decided it’s time to make a change. You’re trying to decide which version of SQL Server to use, and which cloud options make the most sense. “Hey, I see the problem already!” I can help. I’ve built and rebuild…
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SQL ConstantCare

What SQL ConstantCare® Looks For

“This server’s plan cache smells terrible.” SQL ConstantCare® analyzes your data looking for health and performance issues that cause user pain. Here are the things we check for and the number of servers where we found this problem this month: Backup Back Up Your TDE Certificate – 137 servers affected CRITICAL: Take a Full Backup…
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Can I Offload DBCC CHECKDB To Another Server?

You want to check for corruption, but you don’t want to slow down your primary production server. In this post, I’m specifically talking about offloading the corruption checking process. I’m not talking about doing corruption checking on both the primary and other servers – that’s wonderful, and if you’re doing that, you should hug yourself. You’re doing…
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Brent Reading Book

4 Ways to Move Data Into a Reporting Server

You’ve decided that you need to offload reports to a different SQL Server, and you’re willing to pay the costs. Here are the most common ways to move the data from production to a reporting server, arranged roughly from easiest-to-implement to hardest: 1. Log shipping. Log shipping is more of a technique than a feature:…
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Pop Quiz: SQL 2000 Bug or SQL 2017 Bug?

2002: Me and Bailey, mom’s Great Dane When I was thinking about this site’s 17th birthday, I started wondering: back in 2002, what bug might I have been working with in SQL Server? I started reading back to the list of bugs fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1, and it hit me…these bugs…
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Office Hours Podcast

[Video] Office Hours 2018/10/3 (With Transcriptions)

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This week, Tara and Richie discuss database corruption, CLR, DBCC issues, adding identity columns to databases, distributed transactions, tracking how recently a procedure was executed, maintenance plans, recompiling stored procs, parameter sniffing issues, troubleshooting replication with Always On, forecasting database growth and estimating capacity issues, tools for database growth forecast reports, RCSI, and much more.…
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