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sp_BlitzQueryStore: A Gentle Introduction

Odds and ends During the precon, we asked how many people were on 2016, how many people were aware of query store, how many people were using it, and how many people were using sp_BlitzQueryStore. About 1/3 of the hands went up at first, then for each successive question, fewer and fewer hands stayed up.…
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Forget sp_Who and sp_Who2: sp_BlitzWho tells you what’s really happening. When you’re trying to troubleshoot a slow query, sp_who and sp_who2 don’t cut it. You need something that shows: Execution plans Memory grants Degrees of parallelism And a lot more useful stuff for query performance tuners That’s sp_BlitzWho. Download it in our free First Responder…
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When I look at a SQL Server that’s in trouble, I wanna know what was going on when things were bad. When you run sp_BlitzQueryStore, it basically: Looks at your workloads over the last 7 days (that’s configurable) Finds the highest resource consuming periods of time Finds the top 3 queries that used the most…
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02. Measuring Your SQL Server with sp_BlitzFirst and Monitoring Software (24 minutes)

We’ll explain how to get your 3 most important server metrics, demo a SQL Server under heavy load, and explain why monitoring software doesn’t really help the way you think it does. (Don’t get us wrong – we still love monitoring software – it’s just…)

To access this incredible, amazing content, you gotta get Fundamentals of Server Tuning with Wait Stats or Recorded Class Season Pass, or log in if you already shelled out the cash.
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Updated First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex

These improvements go great with cranberries. The food, not the b – actually, they go pretty well with the band, too. sp_Blitz Improvements #568 – @RichBenner added a check for the default parallelism settings sp_BlitzCache Improvements by @BlitzErik #495 – add warning for indexed views with missing stats #557 – bug fix – don’t alert…
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First Responder Kit Update: sp_BlitzCache Catches Cursors, Scalar Functions, and More

First Responder Kit
Every time we take on a client for our SQL Critical Care®, the very first thing we do is run the First Responder Kit scripts: sp_Blitz to get a health check, sp_BlitzFirst to check their wait stats, sp_BlitzIndex to look at their indexes, and sp_BlitzCache to see the most resource-intensive queries. Very often, these scripts surface…
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Updated First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz markdown output, sp_BlitzIndex statistics checks

In addition to lots of bug fixes and tweaks, my favorite option is: sp_Blitz @OutputType = ‘markdown’ sp_Blitz @OutputType = ‘markdown’, @CheckServerInfo = 1, @CheckUserDatabaseObjects = 1 See, recently I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Stack questions going, “Man, if I just had the output of sp_Blitz, I bet I could answer that question…
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