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[Video] Office Hours 2016/12/21 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Erik and Richie discuss latency, partition tables, SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD, alerts, nolock, and what people look for in Senior DBA. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our podcast to listen on the go. Enjoy the Podcast? Don’t miss an episode, subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher or RSS.…
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[Video] Office Hours 2016/10/12 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent, Richie, and Erik discuss estimating compression savings, disabling triggers, suggestions to first-time Pass Summit attendees, tools for database version control, transitioning from SQL 2000 to 2016, troubleshooting failovers, and how to convince your manager to upgrade to newer version of SQL. FYI: our regular transcriptionist is out for a couple of weeks,…
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Data Dumps in Disguise

sp_BlitzRS® Result: Data Dumps in Disguise Often times, a user requests a report when really all they want is raw or nearly raw data. If your Reporting Services server is under heavy load, shipping these data dumps elsewhere can help. A data dump is defined by sp_BlitzRS® as a report having: No visualizations: charts, graphs, gauges,…
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Who Needs an Operating System?

Cloud Computing
In the 1950s, the global economy saw a tremendous change – container ships revolutionized global commerce. Shipping costs got 36 times cheaper with the introduction of containerization. What if you could reduce operational costs and revolutionize application and database deployment in the same way? Containers to the Future In the last few months, the developer world…
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Privacy Policy for

PRIVACY POLICY for and all subdomains This website (the “Website”) is the property of Brent Ozar PLF, LLC, d/b/a Brent Ozar Unlimited (“Ozar,” “we” or “us”). We take the privacy of all visitors to this Website very seriously. Accordingly, this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets forth our position regarding certain privacy matters. This…
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“Who Wrote This?” Contest

Over and over, readers leave comments here saying things like “Nice comment, Brent” on a post that Kendra wrote.  We laugh about it – after all, they can’t really be reading that closely if they don’t even notice the name on the bottom of the post, right above where they’re commenting – but we started…
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Third Normal Form is Snake Oil

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and I will sell you the solution to all of your database needs. That’s right, it’s Doctor Codd’s Third Normal Form, guaranteed to cure all ailments of the schemata, pragmata, and performata. Doctor Codd’s Form will make your data performant and compressive. Accept no substitutes or imitators; Doctor Boyce’s…
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All the better to store you with

Automated Tiered Storage for Databases

Database administrators want just one kind of storage: fast. Companies want just one kind of storage: cheap. Since fast storage isn’t cheap, and we can’t put everything on slow storage either, we end up buying different tiers of storage. Let’s start by pretending that we’re buying a new HP DL370 G6 to act as a…
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