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Privacy Policy for

PRIVACY POLICY for and all subdomains This website (the “Website”) is the property of Brent Ozar PLF, LLC, d/b/a Brent Ozar Unlimited (“Ozar,” “we” or “us”). We take the privacy of all visitors to this Website very seriously. Accordingly, this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets forth our position regarding certain privacy matters. This…
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“Who Wrote This?” Contest

Over and over, readers leave comments here saying things like “Nice comment, Brent” on a post that Kendra wrote.  We laugh about it – after all, they can’t really be reading that closely if they don’t even notice the name on the bottom of the post, right above where they’re commenting – but we started…
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Third Normal Form is Snake Oil

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and I will sell you the solution to all of your database needs. That’s right, it’s Doctor Codd’s Third Normal Form, guaranteed to cure all ailments of the schemata, pragmata, and performata. Doctor Codd’s Form will make your data performant and compressive. Accept no substitutes or imitators; Doctor Boyce’s…
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All the better to store you with

Automated Tiered Storage for Databases

Database administrators want just one kind of storage: fast. Companies want just one kind of storage: cheap. Since fast storage isn’t cheap, and we can’t put everything on slow storage either, we end up buying different tiers of storage. Let’s start by pretending that we’re buying a new HP DL370 G6 to act as a…
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Adventures at OSCON

I spent the week of July 25th in the Oregon Convention Center. No, it wasn’t a secret SQL Server event; I was at OSCON. OSCON is the Open Source Convention hosted by O’Reilly (you may know them as the publisher with animals on most of their books). The best part is that I wasn’t just…
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Your caption here.

Christmas Caption Contest

It’s the holidays, and you’re not working that hard anyway.  In the comments, give me your best caption for this photo by midnight GMT on Sunday, December 26th, 2010: Your caption here. I’ll pick the winner on Monday morning and post it here.  The winner gets these stickers, SQLskills stickers, and the EFF prize pack…
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Joel and Kevin - Awesome Buttons

I ___ with Brent

I need creative help with my name. At TechEd, Quest is promoting their MVPs and experts like Joel Oleson and Kevin Kline with a really cool series of buttons, t-shirts, and banners.  Joel and Kevin have awesome buttons: Joel and Kevin - Awesome Buttons Really cool, right?  But what on earth do we do with…
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iPad Touch Typing

My Apple iPad Review

I need a backup presentation device when I travel. During my epic European trip failure, my laptop failed in Copenhagen, and all kinds of hell broke loose. I decided I’d always travel with a second device that could do PowerPoint presentations. For a while, I used a netbook, but I hated carrying fifteen pounds of…
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Another Giveaway: Keyboards and Mice

Dayton Brown and Netster won themselves 120gb USB hard drives a couple of weeks ago in my Clean Brent’s Office Contest, but now that I’m settling into my new home office in Chicago, I’m finding even more unneeded gear lying around. If Only I Had Something Insightful to Type I have no clue how this…
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Database & Network Administrators are really Customer Administrators

The first thing administrators want to monitor is their resources: file servers, database servers, app servers, etc. That’s understandable, since they’re system administrators. In order to be really successful with monitoring, though, we need to think like customer administrators – for both our internal and external customers. Forget the hardware, and think about the people.…
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