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Just as caterpillars become beautiful butterflies, some of our events and trainings become archived videos.

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DBA Performance Tuning Tutorials

Developer Training Videos on SQL Server

Developer T-SQL Tips and Tricks

DBA and Developer Index Training Webcasts

DBA TempDB and System Databases Training

DBA – Storage, SSD, and SAN Videos

DBA Virtualization (VMware and Hyper-V) for SQL Server Training

DBA Troubleshooting Videos

DBA Backup and Recovery Training Videos

DBA Load Testing and Benchmarking

DBA Log File (LDF) Explanation Videos

DBA SQL Server Setup and Management Tutorials

Cloud and Alternative Database Videos

  • Configuring SQL Server in Amazon’s EC2– Jeremiah Peschka shows you the secrets of setting up your SQL Server to perform well in Amazon’s cloud.
  • Hadoop Basics for SQL Server DBAs – Microsoft have made announcements about bringing Hadoop to Windows, but what does that mean for SQL Server? Jeremiah Peschka explains.
  • Hive Data Warehouse Lessons Learned – Your company is considering a data warehouse and you’re unsure where to start; with so many tools on the market, it can be difficult to pick a solution. Jeremiah Peschka has designed and deployed several data warehouses using Hive to scale flexibly with data volume and query complexity.

Professional Development Videos

SQL Server Certification Training Videos

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