First Responder Kit

Our free First Responder Kit (zip) is packed with scripts, worksheets, and checklists like:

  • sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache – free health check scripts
  • White papers – on Availability Groups, Google Compute Engine, disaster recovery in the cloud, and more
  • Worksheets and e-books – like our SQL Server Setup Checklist and the HA/DR Worksheet

It’s totally free because we’ve been there too. We’re database administrators and developers who know how hard it is to keep SQL Server fast and reliable, and we want to make your job easier. Later, if you need consulting for tough pains that have you stumped, we hope you’ll remember us and stop by.

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Also known as the fine manual that you probably won’t read at first. You’ll regret that later. It’s okay. We’re the same way.

Health Check: sp_Blitz

Is my SQL Server healthy, or sick?

Speed Check: sp_BlitzFirst

Why is my SQL Server slow right now?

Query Check: sp_BlitzCache

Which queries have been using the most resources?

Index Check: sp_BlitzIndex

Are my indexes designed for speed?

Vital Stats: Power BI

Graph server and query performance over time.

Cloud Restores: sp_AllNightLog

How can I use the cloud for disaster recovery?

Query Trending: sp_BlitzQueryStore

How has my query plan changed over time?

Who's Doing What: sp_BlitzWho

Who’s running what queries right now?

Recent First Responder Kit Changes

First Responder Kit Updated, and sp_BlitzFirst is now sp_BlitzFirst

We’ve released the first fully open source version of our SQL Server First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzRS, sp_BlitzTrace, and the newest member: the newly renamed sp_BlitzFirst. I wanted to rename sp_BlitzFirst because as an open source project, it’s going to have more than just my own answers as to why your SQL Server…
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We’re Renaming sp_BlitzFirst. What Should the New Name Be?

Yesterday we announced that we’re open sourcing our free SQL Server scripts, and one of those is sp_BlitzFirst. I originally named it that because it had a funny magic-8-ball type feature: if you pass in a question as a parameter, it gives you an answer like “Outlook not so good, Access even worse.” Cute, but now…
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Announcing sp_BlitzIndex® v3.0, sp_Blitz® v48, More

Lots of fun stuff out this week: sp_BlitzIndex® v3.0 adds prioritized, streamlined results. We see so many index design disasters, and we know you have a limited amount of time. Doug Lane put a ton of work into focusing the output on the most important issues, things that are easy-to-fix and will have an immediate performance improvement, and…
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Using sp_BlitzCache™ Advanced Features

sp_BlitzCache is a fantastic tool for finding the worst queries in your SQL Server. Did you know that it has a number of advanced options available to you? These options can help you dig into your worst queries, slice and dice the data, and get back exactly what you need, without wading through hundreds of results.…
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Why You Shouldn’t Use SQL Server’s Activity Monitor

I love free tools. I also love analyzing SQL Server’s wait statistics. But I’m not a fan of Activity Monitor, a free tool in SQL Server Management studio, which helps you look at wait stats. Activity Monitor just doesn’t give you the whole truth. I fired up a workload with HammerDB against a test SQL Server 2014 instance.…
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Introducing sp_BlitzCache®

Finding the worst queries in SQL Server is easy, right? You just query one of the dm_exec_* DMVs, bring in the SQL text and the execution plan, and then you spend hours looking at execution plans trying to figure out what’s wrong in the query, much less how to fix it. All that’s changing – we’re introducing sp_BlitzCache®.…
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Celebrating Two Years of sp_Blitz® (And a New Version)

Two years ago this week, I took to the stage at the PASS Summit 2011 and unveiled sp_Blitz®, my free health check stored procedure that helps you rapidly take over SQL Servers you’ve never seen before. Some historical highlights include: 117,125 downloads 117 checks (technically much more than that, because we look for variations of…
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How to Find ‘Secret Columns’ in Nonclustered Indexes

sp_BlitzIndex® just can’t keep a secret. That’s a feature, not a bug. I wrote sp_BlitzIndex® specifically so that it would rat out some things that SQL Server is doing behind the scenes to secretly help you out– because it’s really better if you know about it. What are secret columns? SQL Server needs a unique…
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