First Responder Kit

Our free First Responder Kit (zip) is packed with scripts, worksheets, and checklists like:

  • sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache – free health check scripts
  • White papers – on Availability Groups, Google Compute Engine, disaster recovery in the cloud, and more
  • Worksheets and e-books – like our SQL Server Setup Checklist and the HA/DR Worksheet

It’s totally free because we’ve been there too. We’re database administrators and developers who know how hard it is to keep SQL Server fast and reliable, and we want to make your job easier. Later, if you need consulting for tough pains that have you stumped, we hope you’ll remember us and stop by.

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Also known as the fine manual that you probably won’t read at first. You’ll regret that later. It’s okay. We’re the same way.

Health Check: sp_Blitz

Is my SQL Server healthy, or sick?

Speed Check: sp_BlitzFirst

Why is my SQL Server slow right now?

Query Check: sp_BlitzCache

Which queries have been using the most resources?

Index Check: sp_BlitzIndex

Are my indexes designed for speed?

Vital Stats: Power BI

Graph server and query performance over time.

Cloud Restores: sp_AllNightLog

How can I use the cloud for disaster recovery?

Query Trending: sp_BlitzQueryStore

How has my query plan changed over time?

Who’s Doing What: sp_BlitzWho

Who’s running what queries right now?

Recent First Responder Kit Changes

First Responder Kit Release: Yukon Ho!

We’re going to Alaska this month, so try not to find any bugs, okay? To celebrate, I’m channeling childhood nostalgia, and quoting a verse from one of my many Taco-Bell-dripping-stained Calvin and Hobbes tomes. We’ll never have to clean a plate, Of veggie goops and goos Messily we’ll masticate, Using any fork we choose! When…
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Erik Darling blogs kCura Relativity

Introducing sp_AllNightLog: Log Shipping at Scale, Open Source

In our Faux PaaS project, we need a backup plan – or rather, a restore plan. On each SQL Server instance, clients can create as many databases as they want, anytime they want, with no human intervention. We need those databases covered by disaster recovery as quickly as practical. SQL Server’s newer disaster recovery options – Always On Availability Groups and…
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Introducing sp_BlitzQueryStore

Oh, so you’re the one While SQL Server 2016 adoption is still pretty low, and 2017 still quite isn’t out yet, that’s no reason to not invest a few days of dev time into a stored procedure that is only usable by the smallest portion of SQL Server users. Right? Look, someone around here has…
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First Responder Kit Release: Now With 50% MORE Double Checking

So many things happen in mid-Summer. Dreams. Death. Pit stains. And FRK updates! Special thanks to @digitalohm for once again taking the axe to sp_DatabaseRestore. You are the only person on our email list who isn’t getting a Box O’ Tripe® You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #872 @MosesOfJ pointed out that,…
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First Responder Kit Release: Ça plane pour moi

Ah, May. Spring has sprung, and young people’s minds turn towards seasonal allergies. Special thanks to @digitalohm for the Differential Restore code and general sp_DatabaseRestore spiffiness. May you live to an age that can only be described in Unix. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #857 Do you have any idea how much…
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