First Responder Kit

My free First Responder Kit is packed with scripts, worksheets, and checklists like:

  • sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache – free health check scripts
  • SQL Server Setup Checklist – with the common questions I get about configs
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning Worksheet – communicating your RPO and RTO clearly
  • The Data Professional Annual Salary Survey responses

It’s totally free because I’ve been there too. I know how hard it is to keep SQL Server fast and reliable, and I want to make your job easier. Later, if you need consulting or training for tough pains that have you stumped, I hope you’ll stop by.

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Also known as the fine manual that you probably won’t read at first. You’ll regret that later. It’s okay. I’m the same way.

Health Check: sp_Blitz

Is my SQL Server healthy, or sick?

Speed Check: sp_BlitzFirst

Why is my SQL Server slow right now?

Index Check: sp_BlitzIndex

Are my indexes designed for speed?

Query Check: sp_BlitzCache

Which queries have been using the most resources?

Who’s Doing What: sp_BlitzWho

Who’s running what queries right now?

Query Trending: sp_BlitzQueryStore

How has my query plan changed over time?

Recent First Responder Kit Changes

Sizing A New Server? Start With Maintenance.

Clientele Most of out customers are on slightly (ahem) older (AHEM) hardware, and they have big questions: How do we know what kind of hardware we need? How do we load test it? How do we know what to change to make it better? The load test question is interesting, particularly because getting a reliable…
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First Responder Kit Release: Treating Object References Like Object Instances, Man

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1281 We’ve lowered the priority of Query Store being disabled. It’s just not as important as the backups you’re not taking and the corruption checks you’re not running. sp_BlitzCache Improvements #1253 Due to an unfortunate copy and paste incident,…
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Announcing the Free First Responder Kit Power BI Dashboard

What the heck is going on inside your SQL Server? Why’s it so slow? I wrote sp_BlitzFirst to answer that question, but that only works right now. You have to be standing in front of your computer to do diagnostics when the problem strikes. So now, you can run sp_BlitzFirst, have it log data to a…
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First Responder Kit Release: The Ides Of November

IB Rewop This is a cleanup release to get some of the pull requests in that didn’t make it in before the precon. There’s also a secret unlockable character that Brent is blogging about next week! Please clap. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1199 We’ve updated the unsupported builds list! Now you can…
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How to Get Live Query Plans with sp_BlitzWho

sp_BlitzWho is our open source replacement for sp_who and sp_who2. It has all kinds of really neat-o outputs like how many degrees of parallelism the query is using, how much memory it’s been granted, how long it’s been waiting for memory grants, and much more. If you’re on SQL Server 2016 SP1 or newer, it…
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First Responder Kit Release: Precon Precogs

This release comes to you from a hotel room in Chicago: The land of fiscal insolvency and one shooting per hour. It’s pretty nice, otherwise. This release is to get the pre-precon important stuff in. As much as I’d like to push all the recent contributions through, between travel, speaking, and uh… what do the…
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How to Log Wait Stats to Table with sp_BlitzFirst

When you’re analyzing SQL Server performance, one of the best places to start is wait stats. What’s your SQL Server waiting on? sp_BlitzFirst makes it really easy to trend this data over time for free with all currently supported versions of SQL Server (2008+). Just set up an Agent job to run this every 15 minutes:…
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