First Responder Kit

My free First Responder Kit is packed with scripts, worksheets, and checklists like:

  • sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache – free health check scripts
  • SQL Server Setup Checklist – with the common questions I get about configs
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning Worksheet – communicating your RPO and RTO clearly
  • The Data Professional Annual Salary Survey responses

It’s totally free because I’ve been there too. I know how hard it is to keep SQL Server fast and reliable, and I want to make your job easier. Later, if you need consulting or training for tough pains that have you stumped, I hope you’ll stop by.

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Also known as the fine manual that you probably won’t read at first. You’ll regret that later. It’s okay. I’m the same way.

Health Check: sp_Blitz

Is my SQL Server healthy, or sick?

Speed Check: sp_BlitzFirst

Why is my SQL Server slow right now?

Index Check: sp_BlitzIndex

Are my indexes designed for speed?

Query Check: sp_BlitzCache

Which queries have been using the most resources?

Who’s Doing What: sp_BlitzWho

Who’s running what queries right now?

Query Trending: sp_BlitzQueryStore

How has my query plan changed over time?

Recent First Responder Kit Changes

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Updated First Responder Kit with Your January Code Resolutions

I have a sneaking suspicion that a bunch of you made New Year’s Resolutions to contribute to open source, because y’all got started with a bang this year. We’ve even got improvements from Microsoft folks for Azure Managed Instances! You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Changes Improvements: skipping checks on Azure SQL DB Managed…
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sp_BlitzIndex's new statistics histograms at the bottom

How Should We Show Statistics Histograms in sp_BlitzIndex?

If you’re a graduate of my free How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine course – and you’d better be, dear reader – then you’re vaguely familiar with DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS. It’s a command that shows you the contents of a statistics histogram. When I’m doing the first two parts of the D.E.A.T.H. Method – (D)eduplicating identical…
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Updated First Responder Kit for November 2018: Get Into Sports Dummy

COACH! I dunno, I just like this picture. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1786 – @dallyhorton made a good point: if we’re gonna warn you about Change Tracking, we should tell you which database it’s enabled for. #1791 – Who do DMV queries think they are, blocking each other? Get over yourselves. #1793 – CheckIds shouldn’t be…
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How to Troubleshoot Blocking and Deadlocking with Scripts and Tools

When you need to find which queries are blocking other queries, your decision comes down to when the blocking happened. Is it happening now, recently, or coming up soon? During a live emergency, start with sp_WhoIsActive. Adam Machanic’s excellent free sp_WhoIsActive replaces Activity Monitor, sp_who, and sp_who2, and it’s way more powerful. The documentation is extensive –…
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First Responder Kit Release: Fingers Crossed!

This is a small release just to make sure you don’t forget about us. We know you’re busy. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1755 – @MisterZeus added a new check for alerts that don’t send information out. I mean, is that even an alert? #1766 – @jadarnel27 added some code to help folks who have a standard (non-sa)…
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First Responder Kit Release: What Does A Fish Know About Friday?

I know, it seems like just yesterday I was doing one of these releases. But no, it was three weeks ago. You’ve just been drunk for a really long time. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1698 – Now warns you about any SQL Modules that have ANSI_NULLS or QUOTED_IDENTIFIER off. Thanks @MisterZeus! #1719 – @TheUsernameSelectionSucks pointed out…
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First Responder Kit Release: A Year From Now These Will All Stop Working On 2008 And 2008R2

You think I’m kidding. Time bomb. Boom. Get your upgrade underwear on. You can download the updated here. sp_Blitz Improvements #1664 – We’re officially smart enough to not warn people that we’re recompiling our own stored procedures. #1669 – Reworded the stacked instances details. Servers may be installed and not running. #1687 – @josh-simar has servers linked with AD accounts,…
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How to Fix sp_BlitzIndex Aggressive Indexes Warnings

sp_BlitzIndex gives your indexes a psychiatrist-style evaluation. It’s a lot like a real psychiatrist: it’s just flagging behaviors, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong with being a hoarder, or a workaholic, or a furry. They’re just behavioral traits. Let your freak flag fly. One of the warnings is “Aggressive Indexes,” which means sys.dm_db_operational_stats reports minutes of…
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