Some things start up with a bang

Some things start up with a bang

Blitz Result: Startup Stored Procedures in Master

When SQL Server starts up, it can automatically run stored procedures in the background.  These stored procedures can set up auditing, check for permissions, or heaven forbid, set up back doors.

Some third-party auditing and compliance software works via startup stored procedures, but unfortunately, when the products are uninstalled, they don’t always remove their stored procedures.  The auditing keeps happening afterwards.

To Fix the Problem

Review the list of stored procedures provided in the Blitz output and check the content of each stored procedure with these steps:

  • In Object Explorer: click Databases, System Databases, Master, Programmability, Stored Procedures
  • Right-click on each stored proc listed in the Blitz and click Modify

Make sure you understand what the stored proc is doing – if it’s not acceptable, keep a copy of the stored procedure’s contents just to be safe, then drop it.

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