Blitz Result: Backing Up to Same Drive Where Databases Reside


Yes, and thank you for doing that. But you shouldn’t be doing it where you databases live. Here’s why:

  • You’re eating up disk I/O, even if it’s not during client-facing windows, it’s likely during other maintenance (DBCC CHECKDB, Index and Statistics, data loads, etc.)
  • You’re eating up disk space, and you might need it to add new data someday
  • What if the drive does boink?
It's the apocalypse, do you know where your SAN is?

It’s the apocalypse, do you know where your SAN is?

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How to Back Up to Independent Drives

Whether you’re running maintenance plans, Ola Hallengren’s scripts, or another 3rd party backup product, you can configure it to use a network/UNC path for backups.

In maintenance plans, just go in, double click on the backup task, flip to the destination tab, and choose an outside path. Check to make sure it works, too. Network permissions can be tricky with SQL Server sometimes. Better to find out about it now than at midnight on Saturday; that’s when all the good infomercials are on.

My name is Maintenance

My name is Maintenance

With Ola Hallengren’s scripts, you can change this in MaintenanceSolution.sql when you first run it:

This flag is on line 33 or so of the MaintenanceSolution.sql download. If you don’t see it immediately, just search for the @BackupDirectory parameter:

This can be changed in the SQL Server Agent Job as well. Edit the job properties, then edit the job step and find the @Directory path in the command: