Riak is a distributed, masterless, key-value database. It scales from a few servers to tens or hundreds of servers. Riak is designed to make it easy to scale your database by adding more servers.

Jeremiah_Loves Coffee

I’m Jeremiah Peschka, a database expert here at Brent Ozar Unlimited. I develop and maintain CorrugatedIron, the .NET client for Riak, and I’m an active member of the Riak community on the mailing lists and in IRC. I’ve put together this list of resources to help you get started using Riak and CorrugatedIron.


If you don’t have the time for a book, I’ve written a few articles about Riak:


  • Riak in a .NET World on 8/15/2013 I presented at the Seattle Riak Meetup about Riak, .NET, and Corrugated Iron


  • A Little Riak Book – Written by Basho employee Eric Redmond, this is a concise guide to Riak.
  • The Riak Handbook – Mathias Meyer wrote this book; it covers an older version of Riak but the design principles still hold.

Getting Started Guides


  • Saving Session State is a recorded web cast discussion the pros and cons of session state in a database and describes how you can use Riak for persistent session state.
  • DotNetRocks wherein I chat with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin about Riak, Erlang, and distributed databases.

Getting Started

To get started using Riak with .NET, you’ll need CorrugatedIron. You can download CorrugatedIron from the main CorrugatedIron site or through Nuget. Sample code is available on GitHub, and an ASP.NET Session State provider is available, too.

How We Can Help You With Riak

If you’re struggling with scaling out SQL Server, need a multi-master database, or you just need a scalable database, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation