sp_BlitzCache: Eventual Compatibility With Azure

Better than nothing Yesterday it was announced that global temp tables were available in public preview for Azure. That means that unmodified versions of sp_BlitzCache (which uses a global temp table to hold a whole bunch of information) will be compatible up there. This is a nice addition for Azure, and an even nicer addition…
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Connect Item: Query Plan Hash in sys.dm_exec_query_stats vs Query Plan Hash in the query plan

Shifty Henry said to Bugs You know those moments when you’re looking at something for so long, and it’s still not working, and you’re pretty sure you’re losing that final grip on your sanity? Well, that feeling was multiplied this week by an odd bug that I found, where Query Plan Hashes in system views…
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First Responder Kit Updates: So Many Updates, Brent Quit

I got 128 GB of RAM just to develop sp_BlitzCache with! Also, thanks to @RichBenner @BrentOzar and @douglane for code, and @LitKnd and @HenrikStaunPoulsen for great ideas! Grab the newly updated First Responder Kit, and here’s what’s in it: sp_Blitz Improvements #677 Finally! A bug that isn’t ours! Microsoft forget to let SE clean up…
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