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What To Do If sp_BlitzFirst Warns About High Compilations

Compiles Aren’t The Same As Recompiles If you’re seeing high RECOMPILES, this post isn’t for you. We’ll talk about the differences between compiles and recompiles, but not how to troubleshoot recompiles. Recompiles mean one of two obvious things: You have a RECOMPILE hint at the stored procedure or statement level, or SQL found a reason…
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Memory Grants Added to sp_BlitzCache and sp_BlitzFirst

Exciting New Doodads When SP3 for 2012 dropped, we were all super excited by the new query tuning-centric features that were at our disposal. Now all we had to do was get people to install SP3! Great features like this make patching an easier sell. Now with SP2 for 2014 out, a lot of those…
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Stats Week: Do Query Predicates Affect Histogram Step Creation?

Auto Create Statistics is your friend It’s not perfect, but 99% of the time I’d rather have imperfect statistics than no statistics. This question struck me as interesting, because the optimizer will totally sniff parameters to compile an initial plan. If you don’t have index statistics, or system statistics already on a column in a…
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Improved diagnostics for query execution plans that involve residual predicate pushdown

I love stuff like this! Even though it’s not on my list of dream features, it’s pretty neat. Getting new views into what SQL is doing when queries execute is pretty cool. You can read the short and gory details at the KB here: Improved diagnostics for query execution plans that involve residual predicate pushdown…
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Filtered Indexes: Just Add Includes

I found a quirky thing recently While playing with filtered indexes, I noticed something odd. By ‘playing with’ I mean ‘calling them horrible names’ and ‘admiring the way other platforms implemented them‘. I sort of wrote about a similar topic in discussing indexing for windowing functions. It turns out that a recent annoyance could also…
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Introducing the SQL Server Plan Cache (and a Better sp_Blitz®)

When you send your beautifully hand-crafted organic T-SQL statement to SQL Server, the database engine takes a moment to appreciate the poetry of your work.  Before it turns your request into results, it has to build an execution plan.  SQL Server considers: Which tables it needs to join together What subqueries it needs to execute…
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