Always On Availability Groups, Backup Checksums, and Corruption

The latest version of sp_Blitz® alerts you if you haven’t been using the WITH CHECKSUM parameter on your backups. This parameter tells SQL Server to check the checksums on each page and alert if there’s corruption. But what about corrupt backups? Books Online says: NO_CHECKSUM – Explicitly disables the generation of backup checksums (and the validation…
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Where to Run DBCC on Always On Availability Groups

With SQL Server 2012’s new AlwaysOn Availability Groups, we have the ability to run queries, backups, and even DBCCs on database replicas.  But should we? Paul Randal (Blog – @PaulRandal) covered this issue in today’s SQLskills Insider newsletter, and he says: “It’s not checking the I/O subsystem of the log shipping primary database – only…
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