Production Database Administration

“Full Stack” Means “Part Time” – or Why DBAs Might Wanna Learn DevOps

Long before the “full stack developer” phrase became fashionable, us early developers did exactly that. We didn’t do any of these full time, mind you – full stack doesn’t mean full time. Here’s a grid I use to explain the work involved in building and troubleshooting database apps: Full Stack, Part Time Developers start from the…
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Book Review: Database Reliability Engineering by Campbell & Majors

Database Reliability Engineering – good buy When you see the cover of Database Reliability Engineering, the first question you’re probably gonna ask is, “Wait – how is this different from database administration?” And I’ve got good news: that’s the very first thing @LaineVCampbell and Charity Majors (@MipsyTipsy) cover in the preface. “…for a long long…
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No More SQL Server Service Packs: Is CU12 the New SP1?

Starting with yesterday’s release of SQL Server 2017, Microsoft has a new servicing model: they’re only delivering Cumulative Updates, and not doing Service Packs. Pedro Lopes writes: SPs will no longer be made available. Only CUs, and GDRs when needed. CUs will be delivered more often at first and then less frequently. Every month for…
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Breaking News: Using TDE on 2016? Doing Backups? Time to Patch.

Normally, when you use Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to secure your database at rest, you can’t get backup compression. Encrypted data basically looks like random data, and random data doesn’t compress well. SQL Server 2016 introduced the ability to compress your TDE databases. Yay! Unfortunately, it has bugs that can leave you unable to restore…
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Chaining Agent Tasks For Alerting The Right Way

Step By Step When you think about setting up maintenance, a persistent fear is that tasks may step on each other. You probably don’t want backups and CHECKDB and statistics maintenance running at the same time as statistics maintenance (notice I didn’t say index maintenance, here, because you’re smart and you skip it?). You may…
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Checking for Strange Client Settings with sys.dm_exec_sessions

In my performance training class, people get really excited when I cover filtered indexes, computed columns, and indexed views. Then they get a really strange expression on their face when I talk about one of the biggest drawbacks: if your connection options aren’t set correctly, your delete/update/insert (DUI) operations will fail. That gave me a really…
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What is Batch Requests/sec?

Load Testing, Monitoring
When I first look at a server, I want to know how busy it is, where its bottlenecks are, what is SQL Server waiting on and many other things. Batch Requests/sec is one of the data points that is used to measure how busy a server is. WHAT IS BATCH REQUESTS/SEC? Batch Requests/sec is a performance counter…
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