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Query Tuning Week: How to Run sp_BlitzCache on a Single Query

The most popular way of using sp_BlitzCache® is to just run it – by default, it shows you the top 10 most CPU-intensive queries that have run on your server recently. Plus, it shows you warnings about each of the queries – if they’re missing indexes, experiencing parameter sniffing issues, running long, running frequently, doing…
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An Introduction to Query Memory

Microsoft has been quietly making some amazing improvements for performance tuners in SQL Server 2012, 2014, and 2016. This week, we’re going to introduce you to just how awesome they are. (They being the improvements, not Microsoft. You already knew they were awesome.) Using the freely available StackOverflow database, let’s start with a simple query…
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Breaking News: 2016 Query Store cleanup doesn’t work on Standard or Express Editions

If you’re using SQL Server 2016’s awesome new feature, Query Store, there’s a new bug with automatic cleanup. Books Online explains: Automatic data cleanup fails on editions other than Enterprise and Developer. Consequently, space used by the Query Store will grow over time until configured limit is reached, if data is not purged manually. If…
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Tara Kizer

What TRY/CATCH Doesn’t Handle

SQL Server, T-SQL
We were once asked in class what TRY/CATCH doesn’t handle besides object existence errors. It’s well documented in Books Online (BOL). If you’re like me, then tl;dr. Are we even calling it Books Online these days? I still say “bookmark lookup” instead of “key lookup”. I suppose I’ll be saying Books Online for quite some…
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RAM and Sympathy

With the release date for 2016 finally announced Everyone can start gearing up to gaze upon its far shores from the 2008R2 instance they can’t or won’t upgrade for various reasons. I’m excited for a lot of the improvements and enhancements coming along, and generally hope I’m wrong about customer adoption. One annoyance with the…
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Creating Tables and Stored Procedures in TempDB – Permanently

No, not #tables – actual tables. Here’s how: USE tempdb; GO /* This one is only available during my session: */ CREATE TABLE #myTempTable (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1), Stuffing VARCHAR(100)); GO /* This one is global, meaning it's available to other sessions: */ CREATE TABLE ##myTempTable (ID INT IDENTITY(1,1), Stuffing VARCHAR(100)); GO /* You can create…
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Breaking News: Query Store in All Editions of SQL Server 2016

Bob Ward talking Query Store at SQL Intersection Onstage at SQL Intersections in Orlando this morning, Bob Ward announced that Query Store will be available in all editions of SQL Server 2016. This is awesome, because Query Store is a fantastic flight data recorder for your query execution plans. It’ll help you troubleshoot parameter sniffing…
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Stats Week: Messin’ With Statistics

SQL Server, Statistics
If there’s one thing living in Texas has taught me It’s that people are very paranoid that you may Mess With it. Even in Austin, where the citizenry demand weirdness, they are vehemently opposed to any form of Messing, unless it results in mayonnaise-based dipping sauce. Me? I like Messing With stuff. Today we’re going…
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Stats Week: Do Query Predicates Affect Histogram Step Creation?

Auto Create Statistics is your friend It’s not perfect, but 99% of the time I’d rather have imperfect statistics than no statistics. This question struck me as interesting, because the optimizer will totally sniff parameters to compile an initial plan. If you don’t have index statistics, or system statistics already on a column in a…
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