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In the last 2 years since I last taught my Mastering classes, the SQL Server performance tuning game has changed a lot!

  • SQL Server 2019 has achieved widespread adoption, meaning more of your servers have access to more tuning tools
  • SQL Server 2019 has gotten really stable, meaning it’s safer to use tools like Query Store and last-actual-execution-plan that I used to be skittish about
  • Cumulative updates are changing server behaviors, and I’m seeing new problems at clients, plus in the wider population of SQL ConstantCare®, like the TokenAndPermUserStore and lock memory consumption
  • Azure SQL DB and Managed Instances are on the horizon for more companies, meaning they’re going to be asking you job interview questions about them even though they may not be using ’em

So I’m updating all of my Fundamentals and Mastering classes to reflect these new realities.

Mastering Index TuningI’ll be teaching them live in two rotations. The winter rotation dates:

And then rotation 2 in the summer:

How much will tickets cost? During my November Black Friday sale that opens November 1, $695 for Fundamentals Week, and $995 for each Mastering class. When the November sale ends, they’ll increase to $1,595.

What times will the classes be? 10AM-6PM Eastern. 9AM-5PM Central, 7AM-3PM Pacific. I’m not teaching separate classes for Europeans or Australians – if the time zones don’t work for you, you can get the recordings instead.

Do the live class tickets include the recordings? Yes, from the date of your purchase, you have 1 year to stream the latest recordings. That means you can get started by prepping early, and if you can’t make the class, you can watch the recordings afterwards. (Keep in mind that the updated recordings won’t be available until after the class: if you go into your account today, for example, I haven’t taught the new live classes yet, so the recordings are still from the last rotation in 2022.)

Will there be a Live Class Season Pass? No, because I’m only teaching 2 dates for each class, you have to buy tickets for the specific classes you want to attend. No refunds: if you can’t attend the class date, you can watch the recordings.

Will you be teaching these live online classes again in 2025? No. I’m not saying I’ll never teach them again – I will – but in the second half of 2024, I’m going to be working on an all-new set of classes teaching a different technology. If you wanna attend these live anytime soon, now is the time!

Sales open up Wednesday, November 1. See you in class!

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  • Hi Brent. Did I hear you hinting to a mastering class for Column store indexes a while back? Any news on that?

    Also a bit qurious to what the new tech you will be teaching, are you able to share already now? ?


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