Announcing My 2023 Black Friday Sale!

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You’ve used sp_Blitz and the First Responder Kit to learn a lot about your databases. You read the blog regularly, subscribed to the free newsletter, watched some of my YouTube videos, maybe even watched me on Twitch or followed me on Instagram.

You wanna take my training classes, but… they’re expensive.

I feel you, and I wanna reward my long-term readers who don’t get a big glamorous training budget. I’m talking to those of y’all who either pay out of your own pockets, or who have to grovel and beg your manager to get out the company credit card.

So every November, we run a big Black Friday sale to help. We run it all month long so that you can sweet talk your boss into pulling the trigger.

This year’s highlights:

Pretty much everything else on the site including my live online Mastering classes is discounted as well.

To get these deals, you have to check out online through our e-commerce site. On the site, we only take payment via credit cards – no IOUs or dry cleaning coupons.

Can we pay via bank transfer, check, or purchase order? Yes, but only for 10 or more seats for the same package, and payment must be received before the sale ends. Email us at with the package you want to buy and the number of seats, and we can generate a quote to include with your check or wire. Make your check payable to Brent Ozar Unlimited and mail it to 9450 SW Gemini Drive, ECM #45779, Beaverton, OR 97008. Your payment must be received before we activate your training, and must be received before the sale ends. Payments received after the sale ends will not be honored. We do not accept POs as payment unless they are also accompanied with a check. For a W9 form:

Can we get discounts for group buys? Not during the Black Friday sale.

Can we send you a form to fill out? No, to keep costs low during the Black Friday sales, we don’t do any manual paperwork. To get these awesome prices, you’ll need to check out through the site and use the automatically generated PDF invoice/receipt that gets sent to you via email about 15-30 minutes after your purchase finishes. If you absolutely need us to fill out paperwork or generate a quote, we’d be happy to do it at our regular (non-sale) prices – email us at

Sales will open on Wednesday, November 1. Now’s the time to start talking to your manager about your training. If you want an easy way to do it, copy/paste the below into an email:

SQL Server has changed a lot over the last few releases, and there are a lot of new tools and techniques I can use to do my job better. I’m not asking to go to an in-person conference – those are pretty expensive – but Brent Ozar is running a Black Friday sale next month where I can get access to his Mastering class recordings for $1,695.

He has to receive the payment during November, so we can either check out with a credit card on Nov 1, or if we wanna go through accounting, we need to start now if he’s going to get the check in time. He returns any payments that come in after Nov 30. If we want to do it, which one’s easier, credit card or accounting?

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  • Alex Threepwood
    October 26, 2023 2:49 pm

    Hi Brent,

    Might be interested but only started as a SQL developer 3 years ago, and still most of what I see/hear you do is way, way above my level. I recently bought (on your suggestion) the SQL-Fundamentals to get going.
    Would you suggest to do this next year, after a bit more experience? Or go big, jump in, blast some cash and get launched into hardcore SQL? Unfortunately I have to pay myself.. So it’s kinda important that it has some effect for my career…



    • Hi! If you only recently bought the Fundamentals, and it feels like my stuff is over your head, then hold off on buying more things for now. Work your way through the Fundamentals, continue digesting stuff here on the blog and on YouTube, and then next year move up to Mastering. Hope that helps!

  • Hey Brent, will there be any different currency options when the sale goes live? I’m looking to purchase the Lifetime Fundamentals and Mastering bundle in UK £’s. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

  • Alex Brighton
    October 31, 2023 3:08 pm

    Hi Brent, if i want just Powershell , Azure Network and Running in AWS/Azure will it regular prices or there is Black Friday Sale ?



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