Announcing 30-Day Free Trials for SQL ConstantCare®. Check Your SQL Servers Now.

SQL ConstantCare

You’re responsible for the health and performance of your company’s SQL Servers.

You can’t afford most monitoring products because they’re priced per-server. Your manager just can’t justify spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Besides, monitoring tools just spam you. You end up with an Outlook rule that dumps all their emails into a folder, and what’s the point of having a monitoring system at that point?

Meet SQL ConstantCare®. For one low price, we send you just one email per server per day, only when there are specific tasks you need to perform on that server.

Over 300 companies rely on it every day to monitor over 2,000 SQL Servers.

This month only, we’re offering a free 30-day trial: sign up and we won’t charge your card for 30 days. Don’t like it? Don’t feel like you learned enough about your servers? Just cancel anytime before 30 days is up, and you won’t pay a thing.

Wanna learn more? Check out the quick start instructions and the frequently asked questions.

Let’s see what you learn about your SQL Servers!

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