Welcome to the Black Friday Sale of a Lifetime.

Company News

Every November, we run a Black Friday sale with huge discounts on our training and apps. Sales are open now with deep discounts on bundled subscriptions that give you the training and online services you need to be a top-notch SQL Server professional:

Level 1 Bundle
$395Normally $1,785
  • SQL ConstantCare®
  • The Consultant Toolkit
  • All Fundamentals classes

Or, Buy It for Life.

Pay just once, and get access to my recorded training classes for the rest of your life. (Note that these don’t include the SQL ConstantCare® or the Consultant Toolkit apps.)

Fundamentals for Life
$595Normally $795
  • All Fundamentals classes
  • All future Fundamentals classes, too
Mastering for Life
$1,495Normally $1,990
  • All Mastering classes
  • All future Mastering classes, too

The Fine Print

To get these deals, you have to check out online through our e-commerce site. We only take payment via credit cards – no Subway coupons or IOUs.

Can we pay via check, purchase order, or wire? Yes, but only for 10 or more seats for the same package, and payment must be received before the sale ends. Email us at Help@BrentOzar.com with the package you want to buy and the number of seats, and we can generate a quote to include with your check. Make your check payable to Brent Ozar Unlimited and mail it to 9450 SW Gemini Drive, ECM #45779, Beaverton, OR 97008. Your payment must be received before we activate your training, and must be received before the sale ends. Payments received after the sale ends will not be honored. We do not accept POs as payment unless they are also accompanied with a check. For a W9 form: http://downloads.brentozar.com/w9.pdf

Can we get discounts for group buys? Not during the Black Friday sale: these prices are as low as I go all year.

Can we send you a form to fill out? No, to keep costs low during the Black Friday sales, we don’t do any manual paperwork. To get these awesome prices, you’ll need to check out through the site and use the automatically generated PDF invoice/receipt that gets sent to you via email about 15-30 minutes after your purchase finishes. If you absolutely need us to fill out paperwork or generate a quote, we’d be happy to do it at our regular (non-sale) prices – email us at Help@BrentOzar.com.

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15 Comments. Leave new

  • Thanks Brent

    The SQLConstantCare n Consultant Toolkit will get all updates in future or is it good for a year only

  • In the mastering classes, is there content covering optimizing or troubleshooting SQL side queries/indexes when those queries are built by an ORM?

    • Hi! To learn what’s covered in the classes, feel free to click on them and read their contents. (Wanna make sure to teach you how to fish, so you can answer your own further questions there. Cheers!)

  • Hi! Is there a Black Friday option to upgrade to the Buy It For Life if I am already in the middle of an annual subscription?

  • Ernest Stalnaker
    November 8, 2022 5:45 pm

    When does this sale end? November 30? I am still trying to get my company to pay for it, so just making sure I have until the end of the month to decide.

    I assume you will continue to come out with new and updated classes each year, such as the Azure class you added recently? I would hate to buy a lifetime subscription and then you decide to retire next year and not update the classes anymore ?

    • For now, the sale ends at the end of this month.

      I will come out with new & updated classes for at least the next couple of years, but yes, I will retire in this lifetime. 😉 Hope that’s fair!

      • Ernest Stalnaker
        November 8, 2022 6:29 pm

        Well, I’m 55 now, so hopefully you will keep going for a while. I think you’re close to my age?

        I found out that the person at my company who can approve this training request is on vacation this week, so I should know next week. But if the sale is good until the end of the month then I have plenty of time.

        Thanks again and have a great day!

  • A few questions Brent. I currently have purchased the Consultant Toolkit and use it. If I purchase the Level 1 or 2 bundles, will that simply replace my current annual subscription? Also, I am pushing for another resource, thus will require a second subscription. Can I purchase that under my login, or will that resource need to purchase it under their own account?

    • Hi! Anything you buy doesn’t replace anything else – it’s up to you to cancel the stuff you don’t want. Yes, each person needs to buy their own thing. Thanks!

  • If we purchase the lifetime subscription of the fundamental classes, does that count towards the yearly “added” mastering classes, or is that for the annual subscriptions only?

    Also, I watched a number of the videos earlier this year and they all are reset to zero again. Is that because a new video was uploaded to replace the old one?

    • No, and no, but you might have switched accounts.

      • If I switch from the annual to the lifetime, do I get to keep the mastering classes I’ve earned already? I’d like to the the lifetime cost but I don’t want to lose the mastering. But I know that if I don’t do the lifetime one, after I get through all of the mastering add-ons I know that eventually I won’t be able to keep convincing myself to purchase the annual pass since I’ll already have watched them all (many times, in fact, as you keep updating them). I’m just looking for the optimal outcome for my brain and pocket book, as they often tend to fight with each other.


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