This Is Your Last Chance to Attend My Mastering Classes Live This Year.

Conferences and Classes

You’ve conquered my Fundamentals classes, and you’re ready to take it up a notch.

You know you can get the recordings of my Mastering classes, but you prefer the interaction of live classes – the ability to ask questions live, have me go off-topic for demos, and block out your calendar to make sure you conquer the material.

You have one last chance for 2022:

Or attend the whole set for $1,995.

Once this round of live online classes finishes, I won’t be teaching classes until at least mid-2023. I totally love doing it – but after the pandemic marathon of teaching weeks of online classes every month for years on end, I’m ready to take a break for a while! So if you wanna hang out live, come on down. See you in class!

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