Wanna Speak at the PASS Summit This Year? Move Fast.


The PASS Summit is November 15-18 in Seattle this year. This time around, it’s a hybrid conference, with both speakers and attendees in a mix between in-person and remote.

I’m really excited to get back to in-person events. I recently attended SQLBits in London, and I actually got emotional at the sight of so many community people that I’ve known over the years. It was just amazing to see people in person again.

Here’s a PDF explaining how to submit a session for the PASS Summit, and here’s the Call for Speakers.

The deadline is March 31. I know. It’s coming up quickly. But block off some time in your calendar to think about what you wanna talk about, and knock out at least one abstract.

The Summit’s new owner, Redgate Software, is making some changes that I really love:

  • For the first time, session speakers are getting paid for their work (not just a free conference ticket, but $250 in person, $125 online.)
  • Pre-conference workshop speakers now get $200 per attendee (way, way up from past events.)
  • Pre-conference workshops will be conducted in-person, but attendees can be either in-person or online. The sessions will be recorded as they happen, and available to attendees for one week.
  • You (yes, you) can submit a session to be Community Keynote.

And Redgate’s being really transparent about what kinds of sessions they’re looking for, and how many will be accepted from in-person and remote speakers:

The call for speakers closes March 31st, and you’ll find out if yours made the cut on June 15-17. Hope to see you in Seattle!

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  • For the category “Online On-Demand + Live Q&A”, how does that actually work?

    • It’s a really unusual technique – the session recording is available to you at some point after the conference starts. You can watch it at your convenience. At a specific date/time during the conference, the speaker shows up in a chat room to answer your questions about the session.

  • Looking forward to it. The level of detail in the Speaker-Guide explains why the quality of content is as high it is at PASS. November…that’s less than 6 months to go. Can hardly wait,


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